60.000 km European Tour

Multistrada 60.000 km European Tour

60,000 km across Europe

A unique, collaborative project involving six European countries. Each participant will ride the Multistrada V4 Rally, a perfect bike for long-distance riding, for a week-long itinerary of about 2,000 km, and then move on to the next rider. Two-wheeled enthusiasts will take turns to accumulate an impressive total of 60,000 km on one bike!
The project

Following the success of the Multistrada 60,000 km Tour in France and Benelux, Ducati has decided to go one step further and launch the Multistrada 60,000 km European Tour. During this exceptional adventure, each participant will take to the handlebars of the Multistrada V4 Rally, this legendary model with exceptional travel and technological capabilities, for a one-week tour covering around 2,000 km through a country of their choice*.

Two-wheeled enthusiasts will take it in turns to rack up an impressive total of 60,000 km! Each rider will be free to choose his or her favourite roadtrip with date from among the alternatives suggested.

It's an unforgettable experience for motorbike fans, and a new page to be written in the history of two-wheeled adventure. Don't hesitate to sign up to share this unique moment with Ducati.

60.000 km European Tour France

April, May 2024
60.000 km European Tour United Kingdom

June, July 2024
60.000 km European Tour Poland

August, September 2024
60.000 km European Tour Austria

September, October 2024
60.000 km European Tour Spain and Portugal

November, December 2024
60.000 km European Tour Italy

January, February 2025
The Tour

Kilometer after kilometer, our adventurers experience extraordinary journeys, discover breathtaking landscapes and create unforgettable memories.

*** The applicants can take part in the project just in the coutries involved (France, United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Spain/Portugal, Italy)

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