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DesertX Tunisia

A journey across rocky paths and deserts aboard the new Ducati DesertX.
Exploring the wonders of Tunisia with the DesertX

Tunisia, a fascinating country, rich in history and populated by hospitable people and an incredible variety of landscapes. The perfect setting for the adventure of a lifetime.

Astride the DesertX, we travel the narrow and colourful backstreets of Tunis and the limitless desert plains of the Sahara, crossing medieval cities and mountain oases and experiencing unspoiled sunsets. A unique territory, which seems intent on providing those who explore it with intense emotions. A dream itinerary that allows us to appreciate the sheer versatility of the DesertX.

We climb up rocky tracks, our amusement leading us to discover hidden beauty. We ride endless sandy paths and find ourselves catapulted into a Saharan rally raid. Follow our journey. 

A rally amidst the wonders of Tunisia
Tozeur > Tamerza > Ong Jemel > Tozeur

A few dozen miles from Tozeur, we find Tamerza, a gorge that runs alongside a steep mountain, creating evocative waterfalls, canyons and rapids. A spectacular winding road carries us in the direction of Ong Jemel. Part Mars, part moon, part Grand Canyon.

As we look around, we immediately understand why the movie world has chosen these landscapes for some of its greatest works.

Tozeur > Zaouiet Sidi Bouhlel > Sidi Bouhlel Canyon > Chott el Djérid > Douz

As we near the desert, we come across unexpected wonders like the Zaouiet Sidi Bouhlel mosque, nestled between the mountains for more than 800 years. The asphalt gives way to sandy, stony paths but the DesertX is comfortable on any surface.

The long transfer to Douz regales us with yet another natural wonder. Chott el Djérid, the region’s largest salt lake, extends across an area of more than 5000km². Crossing it at sunset is a sight to behold and doing so aboard a DesertX allows us to really live and breathe the experience.

Cafe ‘La Port Du Desert’ > Tembaine Mount > Camp Abdelmoula

Douz is also known as the “Gateway to the Sahara”, and it is here that our real desert adventure begins. We climb up rocky tracks, our amusement leading us to discover hidden beauty.

We ride endless sandy paths and find ourselves catapulted into a Saharan rally raid. On the crests of the dunes, we unleash the full character of the DesertX, and during our (rare) breaks, we enjoy the courteous pride of a population with age-old traditions, in eternal harmony with nature.

Camp Abdelmoula > Douz > Tunis

After seven days of travel and having covered roughly 2000 km, we return to Tunis and conclude our adventure. In the capital, the DesertX certainly doesn’t go unnoticed, and we enjoy exchanging smiles and pleasantries with such incredibly hospitable people, who always offer a warm but never intrusive welcome. 

The emotions of the trip begin to transform into memories. The colours, scents and landscapes making up this wonderful land are organized into a diary that we will keep with us for the rest of our lives. 

Discover the new DesertX

Exploration. Fun. Performance. And a great desire to take and leave towards the horizon. Dream Wilder.

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