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World President Tour and Meeting. Sardinia Edition.

An event that sees the Ducati Family reunited each year. A regular fixture for the Presidents of Ducati Official Clubs around the world.
A week in Sardinia.

Ducati has been playing conductor every year since 2002, giving the Presidents of Ducati Official Clubs around the world the chance to come together and enjoy a whole week dedicated to their shared passion for two wheels.

This twenty-first edition of the event welcomed 73 participants from no less than 24 countries. Together, they were able to interweave their experiences and collectively write an engaging travel diary.

And what better backdrop for this chapter than evocative Sardinia?

The travel diary

It’s always great to meet up again.

After many hours on intercontinental flights, we finally reach Olbia. Some of us have travelled from the other side of the globe, but the magic you experience as part of this family is so special that it’s worth the long journey!

Unique friendships develop here, based on passion and a love for this brand that perfectly reflects the mood of the Emilia-Romagna people – cheerful, kindly gourmands… who are always able to produce the art that is the envy of the entire world: engines.

Just as it does each year, Ducati takes care of us, organising every last detail of our gathering.
The bikes are prepped for the next day, and we can’t wait to get going…

Ready to go. Destination Padru.

An early wake-up call and a hearty breakfast. Our shared excitement is palpable. Most of us are here in Sardinia for the first time.
Final preparations complete, we set off at last!

Shifting into first gear sends shivers down our spines as excitement takes over. What can we expect from such a unique land?

The first section of the route gives us time to build confidence with the bike.
We leave the country roads and head for Padru, on the SP67, which offers some wonderful scenery. 

We don’t see a single car. 

The asphalt gives us confidence, and the pace is relatively slow, which allows us to get used to our surroundings.
We soon reach Posada, where a quick coffee and fuel stop are a must!

We carry on and climb gradually up into the mountains. The landscape opens up, and the views are incredible.
The temperatures drop and, in no time at all, we find ourselves in Santa Reparata, close to Buddusò, a characteristic place where the locals come together once a year to celebrate.

Here, thanks to farmer Ignazio, we get a first taste of some typical Sardinian products. The single long table reminds us of those lunches at home, with friends and family, where everyone feels at home and there are no guests.

We head on to the Park Hotel Cala di Lepre.
But we are not spared on the road home, as rain catches up with us around Tempio Pausania.

The urban mapping helps us in this case, making the bike easier and less stiff, perfect in these conditions.

By evening we are all starving! A Sardinian agritourism is sure to cheer us up with some good porceddu!

Between land and sea

The next morning we’re all as eager as ever.
Today we’re leaving the hotel to travel to Alghero.

We set out in the morning and immediately enjoy some twists and turns before reaching the 389, one of Sardinia’s most beautiful roads. A series of turns and some breath-taking scenery.
The Sughereti trees, flocks of sheep and cows provide the perfect setting on this panoramic and winding road.

We stop for lunch at the bottom of the Supramonte di Dorgali, where Giovanna welcomes us like a mother would her children in one of the most stunning buildings in the Nuoro area, the Su Gologone Experience Hotel.
We stop to eat and are more than satisfied with both the food and the view!

After lunch, we set off again – it’s time for the Alghero-Bosa!

This road is wonderful because you can ride right next to the water.
At times this strip of asphalt divides land and sea. And there we are, in the middle, having fun with our Ducatis. Amazing!

A view of a thousand shades

On day three we head towards Stintino.
An hour in and we stop in Pelosetta, where some of us are left open-mouthed. The scenery that Sardinian offers is so varied as to render us all speechless.

A thousand different shades, water that caresses the sand and the beautiful Mediterranean bush make this place a true one-of-a-kind, a little Mediterranean gem.

We enjoy a cold drink and then it’s back in the saddle and on to Castelsardo, where the fortress dominates our as we lunch on the restaurant’s terrace.

We make short work of the return journey, which means we have time for a dip in the pool at the Hotel Smy Carlos V Wellness & Spa Alghero.

For dinner, our friends from the Ducati Official Club ISTEDDA Sardinia plan a themed evening at a location reserved just for us. For the Sardinians, hospitality is a lifestyle! All we have to do is embrace this culture and enjoy another great evening.

Alla scoperta della Maddalena.

Sardinia is an endless series of very pleasant surprises.

A fast stretch gives way to the road we already travelled in previous days in the rain.

In no time we are at the hotel in Palau. Here, we get off the bikes and head down to the port.

It’s true that ‘real’ Sardinia is to be found inland, but the island is famous the world over for its sea. And now it’s finally time for us to venture out by boat and explore the Maddalena archipelago.

What a fantastic day!

World President Meeting Day

Today we have our World President Meeting, a day reserved only for presidents of the Ducati Official Clubs and one that is particularly important to Ducati.

Before we know it, it’s already evening, our last evening!

To mark the occasion, Ducati organises a gala dinner for us in a wonderful location. The atmosphere and the people that make up this 2023 World President Tour and Meeting are fantastic.

More than a club, it’s a Family.

A Family that shares the same passion, painted red. A red that even adds a bold touch to the White Party that rounds out our adventure!

Enter the Ducati Official Club world

More than a club, it’s a Family. A Community with a shared passion, with which to enjoy new experiences, explore breath-taking landscapes and take part in exclusive, unique events with your bike.

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