From the drawing board to the bike


Everything begins with a series of sketches that start to give form to the initial brief defined by the technical, styling and marketing departments. These conceptual sketches become more and more detailed until a definitive draft is produced.

The team working at the Ducati Design Center is a fantastic cultural blend that brings together juniors and senior designers from all over the world; while much of their work is individual, they share a common goal: to breathe life into Italian motorcycles of outstanding design.

At Ducati, when we speak about ‘being Italian', we have two characteristics in mind.
The first can be summed up with the words ‘clean and essential': the motorcycle should only have what it needs (anything superfluous is abandoned, so no frills, just clean lines). The second is compactness, in terms of both dimensions and the overall impression.
A culture of beauty, then, based on elements that are of simple form, built with attention to detail and of outstanding quality.

With the approval of the fi nal draft comes a second stage that sees the making of a "Pre-Clay" 1:1 scale model, allowing us to glimpse (and touch) the motorcycle in 3-D form for the fi rst time. This process helps the designer seek out the best possible balance of volumes.

The next stage, borrowed from the world of cars, is the clay model, which undergoes continuous manual modifications. It's like witnessing a team of sculptors: once their work has been completed they deliver an object to be optically scanned. The wizards of virtual modeling (CAS) and mechanical design (CAD) then transform this into a set of three dimensional files.

As the project progresses prototypes are built and tested to assess reliability and appeal with potential customers.
At this point the motorcycle is a living, roaring reality. And the guys from the Design Center regularly go to the experimental department and look at it yearningly, remembering those 1000 days of drawings, dreams and discussions that magically ended the best way possible: as another unmistakable Ducati.
Even though the road towards production is still a long one...

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