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Ducati is always at your side, ensuring a riding experience without worries and absolutely safe.
When designing each bike, our primary focus is always on ensuring cutting-edge motorcycles featuring the highest level of active safety while maintaining maximum reliability and reducing maintenance costs.
A riding enjoyment without borders thanks to a network of dealers at the service of the riders who want to travel safely without limits. 

Ducati safety 
Safety as standard

The continuous work that Ducati carries out in terms of design, research and development serves to ensure cuttingedge bikes characterised by maximum
active safety levels. A commitment that involves the definition of increasingly advanced technological systems to increase the rider's level of control, such as the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP), which includes Bosch ABS and Ducati Traction Control (DTC). This equipment, with different levels of adjustment, optimises the bike's performance in both braking and acceleration. For those models equipped with the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) also integrates the Bosch ABS Cornering function, ensuring optimum bike control even through the turns.




48 H fast delivery worldwide
Always by your side

One of Ducati's main goals is to offer every Ducatista the chance to enjoy unlimited and safe travel all over the world. To achieve this aim, Ducati offers a "fast delivery" original spares service, with delivery in 24/48 hours across 85% of the areas in which it operates. With a distribution network that covers more than 90 countries, thanks to 783 official Dealers and Service Points, choosing a Ducati means you can travel worry-free and in total freedom, wherever the road may take you, and count on capillary support that ensures Ducati quality and professionalism is always close at hand.

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Desmo Service - Always update
Endless excitement

In designing each bike, Ducati constantly strives to ensure maximum reliability while reducing service costs. A commitment that has seen the intervals for the main Desmo Service, in which valve clearance is checked and adjusted if necessary, to be extended to 30,000 km, 24,000 km or 12,000 km depending on the model. Even the simplest of checks, such as the Oil Service, are extended to 15,000 km/12 months or 12,000 km/12 months. A considerable interval for such high-performance engines, which only confirms the high quality standards adopted in terms of material selection and R&D processes. Ducati continuously invests in the technical training of its dealers. The specific skills offered by the official Ducati Service network ensure that all those operations needed to keep every Ducati in perfect condition are thoroughly executed, while advanced equipment such as the Ducati Diagnosis System allows the software on each Ducati to be updated with the latest releases, ensuring that the electronics continue to perform at the maximum level.