Ducati SBK Grandstand - Imola

Support Aruba.it Racing - Ducati Superbike Team at Imola on 13th and 14th May 2017

The first Italian race in the Superbike World Championship 2017 returns to the Imola racetrack, where Ducati will organize an exclusive package for its supporters with a dedicated Grandstand, hospitality and special benefits. 

The Ducati Grandstand Package offers a truly exclusive experience with a range of hospitality services, which allow you to enjoy the best possible race weekend.

The Ducati Grandstand Package includes:
1. Ducati Grandstand Ticket; 

2. Additional services:

a. Bike park reserved for motorcyclists with the Ducati Grandstand - please note that the number of parking spaces is limited;
b. Cloakroom service (subject to availability) and locker room;
c. Fan kit including :T-shirt, cap, flag and helmet bag.
d. Meet and greet event at the Ducati Grandstand with the Ducati's riders Chaz Davies and Marco Melandri
e. Ducati Grandstand Pocket Snack (only on Sunday);

Ducati Grandstand Package price for the Imola Superbike World Championship is:
  • € 100,00 for Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May 2017

If you are a member of an official Ducati club, contact your club president to find out the special price for Desmo Owners Clubs (D.O.C.).

The Grandstand (part of section M) is located at the Variente Bassa, before the finishing line, with entry from Viale Dante Alighieri (see map). It is covered, holds non-numbered seats and faces a maxi screen on which you can watch the whole race. 

The access to the Ducati Grandstand is allowed only to the owners of the Ducati Grandstand Package, purchasable through the network of Official Italian Dealers (find a dealer) or on-line (click here) until we run out of stock.

Accreditation center:
The Ducati Grandstand Package can be picked up at the accreditation center at the Palazzo dello Sport A. Ruggi, via Oriani 2/4 Imola:

Accreditation center opening hours:

Saturday 13th May 2017 8.00 - 15.00
Sunday 14th May 2017  8.00-13.00

Test Ride Experience

Ducati gives the possibility all the Superbike guests to experience a test ride for free. The activity will take place in the bike parking, from Friday to Sunday (9.00 am - 18.00 pm) and may be booked only on site. Requirements for the registration: 

  • valid motorbike driving license; 
  • appropriate clothes (jacket, gloves, integral helmet)

Bike park:

Located inside the racetrack with the same entrance from Viale Dante Alighieri (see map). This area is reserved for all Ducati Grandstand ticket holders (please note that the number of parking spaces is limited). You can access the bike park with your Ducati Grandstand Package and bike pass (which has to be requested when you purchase the ticket).

The park is only for bikes and provides a free cloakroom for motorcyclists.  

The opening hours are:
Saturday 13th May 2017  8.00 - 18.00
Sunday    14th May 2017 8.00 - 18.00 

We would like to inform you that on Saturday 13th May any bikes and items left in the cloakroom outside the times mentioned above, will be guarded but can't be collected. On Sunday 1st May, after the bike park closes, any bikes and items left in the cloakroom will be no longer guarded.

Fan kit and Ducati Pocket Snack:
On Sunday 14th May 2017 against presentation of the Ducati Grandstand ticket, every guest will be provided with the fan kit which includes t-shirt, cap, flag, and helmet bag and a pocket snack, in the lounge area Ducati close to the Ducati Grandstand.

Rules for access of children to the stand
Children under 100 cm in height can access the Ducati stand without a stand ticket only when accompanied by a paying adult, and they must sit on an adult's lap.
The child cannot sit in a seat without a valid entry pass.
The circuits have different rules regarding children's access to events, so it is necessary to check with each racetrack regarding the right to children's free entry and the procedure to follow.
The Ducati stand does not issue a separate ticket for children.
Children over 100 cm in height are considered as adults and must have a valid ticket (Ducati stand package).

Races program:

Saturday 13th May 2016:
8.45 - 9.10 World Superbike Free practice 3 - Not Timed for Qualifying
9.20 - 9.35 World Supersport Free practice 3 - Not Timed for Qualifying
9.45 - 10.15 Superstock 1000  Free practice 3 
10.30 - 10.45 World Superbike Superpole 1
10.55 - 11.10 World Superbike Superpole 2
11.30 - 11.45 World Supersport300  Superpole 1
11.55 - 12.10 World Supersport300  Superpole 2
13.00           World Superbike Race 1
14.00 - 14.15 World Supersport  Superpole 1
14.25 - 14.40 World Supersport  Superpole 2
15.00 - 15.30 Superstock 1000 Qualifying

Sunday 14th May 2016:
9.00 - 9.15 World Supersport Warm up
9.30 - 9.45 World Superbike Warm up
10.00 - 10.15 Superstock 1000 Warm up
11.30 World Supersport Race
13.00 World Superbike Race 
14.20 World Supersport300 Race 
15.15 Superstock 1000 Race