Clothing requirements

The importance of safety
To participate in any DRE course, you must have the following gear: leathers (one-piece for track courses or two-piece zipped around the waist only for basic and intermediate course), back protector, full-face helmet, gloves and boots. If you can't provide any of this equipment, you can hire one or more of the items directly on the web site at the time you register for the course (while stock is available). Hired clothing will be given to you at the track on the morning of the course and must be returned at the end of the course.

Ducati is committed to promoting good road safety practice. Ducati has signed the European Road Safety Charter - 25,000 lives to save, a programme which encourages specific actions and increased awareness in order to reduce the number of victims on the road.

This is why Ducati requires the use of back protectors in its riding courses and will include one free of charge with every suit hired.

Anybody who arrives without the required clothing will not be allowed to take part in the course.

Clothing available for hire:

LEATHERS: Ducati and/or Dainese leathers are available in men's and women's sizes, either as a one-piece (for the Racing Level I/II and Master Racing courses) or a zipped two-piece (for the basic and intermediate courses). A back protector is provided free of charge with every hired suit. For hygiene reasons we recommend that you wear a thin layer under your hired leathers (such as a Lycra exercise or cycling outfit).

Fit: When hiring leathers, please note that they will fit tighter than normal clothing due to the stiffness of the material and the space the back protector will take up. Because of this, you should choose a suit one size larger than your normal clothing size.

HELMET: All helmets available for hire are full-face with a clear visor.

BOOTS: There are two types of boots available for hire: a basic touring boot and a special track boot with sliders. You cannot choose a specific style of boot at the time of booking; those taking part in the Racing Level I and II courses will have first priority on the track boots, while basic and intermediate course riders will have access to any remaining track boots or touring bike boots.

GLOVES: There are different styles of gloves available, from basic ones to high protection models designed for track use. As with the boots, the gloves will be allocated according to the course booked.

Collection and return of hired clothing: If you hire clothing via the web site, you can collect it when you register on the morning of the course.

You will need to leave some form of I.D. with the organisers when you collect your equipment. It will be returned to you when you turn in your equipment at the end of the course.

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