Your safety: our mission. Riding a bike is the most exciting way to enjoy the road: Ducati has a commitment to offering maximum safety to those who go by bike.
This commitment has to be made on more than one front, because the subject of safety on 2 wheels is multifaceted and broken up into different areas and only by skilfully orchestrating activities can concrete objectives be achieved.

There's a political commitment, so through the national and international associations we are part of (ANCMA and ACEM respectively), we undertake to help those who govern us understand the role of bikes in mobility today and tomorrow and to help them make decisions that are sustainable for companies and bikers.

Then there is the educational commitment, which tries to explain - through these pages, as well - that it doesn't take much to adopt good behaviour that dramatically reduces accidents on 2 wheels. In support of this Ducati has been organising DRE (Ducati Riding Experience) courses on safe and sporting riding for 10 years now, which aim to teach riders how to maintain better control of the bike in extreme situations, thanks to Ducati Multistrada Techride and Intro ourses.

Finally there is the technological commitment, on both the active and passive safety front. Designing bikes that are increasingly easy to handle and control and more reliable not only enhances riding pleasure, but increases safety. Fitting out the bike with advanced systems such as ABS, in collaboration with Bosch, and traction control further improves these standards. 

But let's not forget the role of technical clothing, with increasingly advanced forms of protection and materials to withstand impacts and abrasions.

In support of this very important subject, Ducati has undertaken concrete initiatives over the years, such as the #TIMguardavanti campaign launched by TIM and Ducati to make people aware of how to use a mobile phone while riding. The initiative, aimed at young people, bikers and car drivers, is committed to promoting good practices to be followed when you are in a car or on two wheels. Visit the site to find out more:
Read this section of the site carefully, get clued up about road safety and become - each of us in the ways that suit us best - ambassadors of safety on two wheels.