Ducati recommends Shell Advance for his bikes

Shell Advance and Ducati are two names synonymous with MotoGP - but the technical partners work together on more than extreme track racing machines. Not only does Shell Advance Ultra lubricate the Desmosedici GP12, but every Ducati road bike to leave the factory is filled with Shell Advance.

As the only lubricant recommended by Ducati around the world, Shell Advance is the best motorcycle oil you can use in your Ducati - whether it's a Monster, an 1199 Panigale or a GP12! And all of those bikes benefit from Shell and Ducati's experience in the heat of competition.

Michael Knaak, Project Leader, Shell Advance Technical Partnership with Ducati takes up story: "The work our engineers do alongside Ducati for the MotoGP race bikes is the perfect opportunity to develop and test our lubricants in a variety of climates under many different conditions. The commercially available Shell Advance Ultra has almost the same performance package as the race oil, which means that the consumer has access to almost the same technology as the Ducati MotoGP team."

So whether it's a horsepower gain or longer drain intervals for road bikes, what is learnt on the track is fed back in to the development process for Shell Advance Ultra road products.

Alessandro Cicognani, Ducati Corse MotoGP Project Director is one of many people who see the benefit of the Technical Partnership: "The partnership with Shell goes from strength to strength. Shell Advance is central in providing our engines with the protection they need throughout a demanding season. The stress upon the engine is very high in a race situation and Shell's contribution to maintaining the high performance of the engine over multiple races is very important."


Now this technology is available to every Ducatista as he will now be able to find the best oil for his bike, Shell Advance Ultra, in every Ducati dealer

Ask for the best... ask for Shell Advance, the only oil recommended by Ducati.