FAQ Museum/Factory

1.       Is the online form a valid booking confirmation?

No, the online form is a request which will be answered by tour booking service staff via email. They can confirm your visit or propose an alternative date depending on availability.

2.       What happens if I arrive late?

If a group arrives late: the tour will be shortened in proportion to the delay.

If individual visitors are late: the visitor loses his right to a tour.

3.       How long are the guided factory and museum tours?

The guided tour lasts approximately 75 minutes (45 minutes for the factory and 30 minutes for the museum).

4.       Can disabled visitors take part in a tour?

Yes, at the time of booking you can discuss with booking service staff whether you would like to visit both the factory and museum or only the museum.

5.       What happens if the number of visitors doesn't match the number of people booked for the tour?

If the number is less than that indicated at the time of booking, no reimbursement of the tour cost will be made for missing visitors (in the case of groups). 

If the number is greater than that indicated at the time of booking the extra people will not be granted access. 

6.       Is there a bike park for visitors?

Ducati has an internal bike park reserved exclusively for Ducati bikes, for as long as there is space available.

Multiowner clients can park non-Ducati bikes in a dedicated area inside the company's grounds (for as long as there is space available) - just showing your Ducati Card.

7.       Is there a car park for visitors?

No, visitors do not have access to the employee car park next to the factory. Visitors can use the public, unattended car park located approximately 200m from the company on the other side of the road.

8.       Can coaches enter the company?

No, coaches must park in the public car park located approximately 200m from the main entrance of the company on the other side of Via Cavalieri Ducati.

9.       Is there a wardrobe for helmets, jackets and luggage?

No, Ducati does not have a wardrobe service for visitors.

10.   Can I shop after my guided tour?

Yes, you can purchase items at the museum Bookshop, from Monday to Friday 9am-1.30pm and 2.30pm-6pm and at the Ducati Factory Store, from Tuesday to Saturday: 9am-1.30pm and 2.30pm-7pm

11.   Can I take photographs/video footage during the tour?

You can take photos/video footage only inside the museum. The use of cameras while in areas of the company and in the factory is strictly forbidden.

12.   What happens if the tour group doesn't speak one of the languages spoken by the Ducati guides?

If the visitors do not share the language spoken by the guide, the group must come to Ducati with one interpreter for every 10 guests; this is also for safety reasons.  If the group arrives without interpreters and there are comprehension problems, entry cannot be guaranteed.

13.   Can I eat in Ducati?

No. The Ducati canteen is solely for Ducati employees.

14.   Can I enter the Ducati Caffè?

You can enter the Ducati Caffè only if accompanied by a Ducati guide, and depending on the time available.

15.   Which hotels are closest to Ducati?





16.   Local restaurants?

Accessible on foot:

La Stella - Via Marco Emilio Lepido, 49 - tel.051400352



Accessible by car/bike:




17.   What is the difference between the Factory and Museum tour and Fisica in Moto?

The Factory and Museum tour is open to anyone who books and has a cost.

Fisica in Moto is an interactive didactic experience dedicated specifically to high school students. For more information visit: http://www.ducati.it/company/trovaci/index.do?tab=fisica

18.   Are pets allowed access? 

Animals, however small, are not admitted.

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