The history of the 851 starts with Lucchinelli’s victory at the “Battle of the Twins” in 1987.

The innovation of the new 4-valve engine proved undeniably efficient.

Marco Lucchinelli in action on the tough track of Daytona in 1987.

After the victory at Daytona, Ducati decided to use the new technology for road models.

The 851 prototype photographed in the summer of 1987 already sported the fairing that would be used in the Tricolore version of 1988.


The introduction of the 851 in 1987 instantly recreated Ducati's image and amazed testers with the power of its engine.

Constant improvements made it the premier 4-stroke bike of its time, demonstrating not just the styling of the Ducati brand, but its tremendous technical expertise as well.

The 851 S, an improvement on the original, became one of the most desirable bikes on the road.



21/06/87 1° Superbike Trophy
Marco Lucchinelli

Technical specification