888 SBK ’91

The 851 became 888 in 1991, and in the early 90s was the undisputed queen of the Superbike championship.

Doug Polen conquered the second Rider’s Title and first Manufacturing’s Title with Ducati in 1991.

The Fast by Ferracci team was actually a private Ducati team. Regardless, its successes allowed Ducati to clinch its first constructor’s title.

Doug Polen’s 888 mounted Dunlop tyres, a special outfitting.

The Polen-Ducati duo amassed a record of 17 victories over the 1991 season. The record is yet to be beaten.

Raymond Roche came in second with four victories in the world classification of Superbike riders in 1991.

Giancarlo Falappa re-entered the races after his terrible accident in Zeltweg in 1990.

Though not in top form, Falappa managed to rise to the podium several times in 1991.


1991 saw the arrival of the 888, more powerful and lighter in weight, achieving its first "double " win which won Ducati its second consecutive riders' title and the first of his 17 constructors' titles.

Ducati extended the number of teams on the track, being joined by the Belgium team Total Wanty and the Fast by Ferracci Team, both private. The latter team was represented by the US rider Doug Polen, who achieved an impressive number of first places, a record still standing today. Polen is, in fact, the rider who took the most victories on a Ducati bike in one season: an outstanding 17.
The extensive use of composite material on many of the bike's components (exhaust tail pipes, front brake discs, airbox, dashboard subframe and fuel tank) led the 888 to a "weight loss", reaching a final dry weight of 145 Kg. The use of high-performing Dunlop tyres and the increase in horsepower from 851 to 888cc. combined to leave all its competitors incredulous.

Motociclismo, one of the major world sector magazines, commented: "... this Ducati is easier to ride than the best 600 cc road bike ... the braking power is amazing ... [and it has] the most powerful engine ever seen in this championship".



 1991 1st World Superbike Championship
Doug Polen
 1991 1st World Superbike Championship
Constructors Championship
 1991 1st Battle of the Twins GP1 - American Championship
Pablo Real
 1991 1st Battle of the Twins GP2 - American Championship
Stephen Mathews

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