888 SBK ’92

In 1992, Doug Polen repeated the success in the previous season with the 888.

The American rider Doug Polen also won Ducati’s second Constructors title.

1992 saw the full return of Giancarlo Falappa to Ducati.

Polen went from the private team Fast by Ferracci to the official team of Ducati, at the time managed by Franco Uncini.

In 1992, Ducati used a sophisticated carbon braking system for almost the whole season.

In the early ’90s Ducati’s saw sales of the 888 increase on the international market.


In 1992, Doug Polen took his second consecutive world title riding a special version of the 888 fitted with carbon brake discs and carbon fibre silencers

In 1993, again with the 888, the Borgo Panigale team signed up two outstanding riders: Carl Fogarty and Giancarlo Falappa. Despite this new imprint, Ducati was unable to repeat its success in the world rider championship in 1991 and 1992, but still managed to win its third constructors' title with a record 19 victories.

The time had now come to "retire" the multi-titled 851/888 bikes; in fact, in November 1993 the 916 was unveiled at the Milan Motor Show and was destined to become an icon of the motorcycling world.



 1992 1st World Superbike Championship
Doug Polen
 1992 1st World Superbike Championship
Constructors Championship
 1992 1st German Pro Superbike Championship
Edwin Weibel
 1992 1st European Championship Superbike
Daniel Amatrian
 1992 1st Austrian Superbike Championship
Andreas Meklau
 1993 1st American Superbike Championship
Doug Polen
 1993 1st Pro Superbike Championship Czech
Petr Sale
 1993 1st World Superbike Championship
Constructors Championship
 1993 1st 750 Italian Sport Production Championship
Davide Amanti
 1993 1st German Pro Superbike Championship
Edwin Weibel
 1993 1st British Superbike Championship
James Whitham
 1993 1st Belgian Superbike Championship
Richard Hubin
 1993 1st Battle of the Twins - Belgian Championship
Patrick Orban
 1994 1st American Superbike Championship
Troy Corser
 1994 1st Italian Superbike Championship
Fabrizio Pirovano
 1994 1st The German Superbike Championship
Udo Mark
 1995 1st British Superbike Championship Trophy
Matt Llewellyn
 1995 1st British Superbike Championship
Steve Hislop

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