907 I.E.

Starting in 1991 Ducati presented the latest evolution of the Paso first appearing in 1986: the 907 i.e.

A detail of the front braking system of the 907 i.e.

The 907 i.e. was the first Ducati Twin-Cylinder with two-valve engine that adopted the system of injectors developed earlier for the 851.

The 907 i.e. also came out in the colour black.


As of 1991 the Paso 906 was replaced by the Paso 907 I.E.

The 907 I.E. was a SportTouring bike that was made to compete with the German and Japanese competitors. While the majority of the electronic components remained the same, the newer bike had more reliable Veglia instruments.

Even though the 907 I.E. was more powerful and more reliable than its predecessor, it wasn't as successful as Ducati had hoped. In 1992, production was suspended and the Borgo Panigale factory did not produce another SportTouring until 1997. In the meantime, in 1993, the production line that was used for the Paso became the line that produced the first Monster.


Technical specification