900 MHe


The new millennium saw Ducati introduce many innovations. The company, thanks to a new commercial structure able to strengthen the brand and extend its presence across the world, was clearly paving its way towards the future. New subsidiaries opened while, alongside the production of innovative bikes and the racing world, a new dimension developed, that of entertainment and the Ducati Community that would focus on the world of the countless Ducati fans.

But these were also the years of the Internet and early email. Ducati did not want to be ill prepared and, at midnight on 1 January 2000, as the new century dawned, the company launched its new site and, simultaneously, the first e-commerce operations in the history of motorcycling: the Ducati 900 MHe was the first bike in the world to be sold online.

The 900 MHe, already presented as a concept bike in 1998 at the Milan show, was designed by Pierre Terblanche, "father" of the Supermono, and gained attention for some of its design features as well as for the fact it was inspired by the 900 NCR, used by Hailwood in the 1978 TT.

The e-commerce initiative proved extremely successful and the first 1000 units of the MHe were literally snapped up by fans who ordered them all in the space of 30 minutes. 
The bike was then produced as a limited run of 2000 numbered units.