Ducatiani or Ducatisti?

An impressive shot of the many Ducati workers, or Ducatiani, in the late '30s

A wonderful colour photo of the Ducati women’s athletic team

The starting grid at Monza in 1957

Today's Ducatisti at World Ducati Week 2007


Many people wonder which is the correct definition of a fan or a member of the Ducati "family": Ducatiano or Ducatista?

Just to make one thing clear, both terms are correct according to two different schools of thought. In fact, the term "Ducatiano" defines those who, from the ‘30s to the ‘50s, lived in the community of then SSR Ducati, either as an employee or a simple sympathizer. The term was also used for those who cheered for or supported Ducati in the first competitions, from the first micro-engine races with the Cucciolo up to the years of the Motogiro.

The suspension of the Gran Fondo races in 1957 and the evolution of Ducati's participation in competitions led the company to debut on international tracks in 1956, expanding the family of Ducati supporters. Maybe it was in that moment that Ducatiano became Ducatisti.

The varying fortunes that characterized the life of the Borgo Panigale company

in the '60s and '70s and then, following, attracted the attention of the motorcycle world (the victory at Imola in 1972, at Daytona in 1977, in the 1978 Tourist Trophy and the creation of street models such as the Scrambler), reawoke Ducati lovers from a forced hibernation.
Later, after another period of limbo, the ranks of Ducati fans strengthened thanks to the first Superbike victories and the launch of the first four valve street bikes.

Today Ducatisti have grown and multiplied, but most importantly, they are always ready to support the beloved "Reds" from Borgo Panigale with passion and love. Some of them are real descendants of those "Ducatiani" which, years and years ago, began this adventure, together with Ducati.