848 and 1198 SP Press Launch

December 6, 2010

Want to find out what goes on 'behind the scenes' at a press presentation? Watch the video!

The International Press Test of the 848EVO and Press Preview of the 1198 SP was held at the famous Circuit of Imola on 18-20, October 2010. The event attracted more than 60 journalists over two days from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the US.

The event started with a technical introduction to the new models from Product Manager, Paolo Quattrino, Project Manager, Cristian Gasparri and Pirelli Key Account Manager, Francesco Cerati.

Special guest, Carlos Checa, also gave a short briefing about the 848EVO and 1198 SP as well as advice on how to get the best out of the Imola circuit, a circuit on which he had scored a double victory during the World Superbike event there just a few weeks before.

Journalists enjoyed a warm-up plus four full test sessions aboard the 848EVO and one dedicated session aboard the new 1198 SP. For those who wanted photography or video riding with Carlos Checa, a Ducati camera car service took to the track for a dedicated session that captured the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With all journalists indentified on camera at the start of the day, Ducati's world-class photography team positioned at various parts of the circuit throughout the day, supplied everyone with their personal test images ready for publication in the world's top press.

Enjoy the video and get a good look at how a Ducati press presentation is done!

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