A message from Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali


DesmoDovi at Zeltweg #1

I adore Dovi, he's such a nice guy and he shows some extraordinary qualities. Quick, rational and clear-headed, once again he managed a race perfectly. And he has now added to his list of achievements a win with a pass-back in the final corner of the last lap. A classic move in bike racing.

I adore Ducati Corse, a small group of mechanics and engineers who are strictly Made in Italy, and who unite endless passion with scientific precision, in a sport where two-wheeled technology has many aspects still to be understood, and it is for this reason that it is so fascinating.

The new fairing, produced after lengthy analysis and mathematical simulations, was a decisive element in today's victory. We have to admit that our technicians are extremely good and very skillful.

Dovi and Ducati, once again on the top of the podium, for the third time this year.
All Ducatisti are proud of you!