Ducati by Bianchi: new 2017 range


The partnership between Ducati and Bianchi continues in 2017 with a new range of bicycles that are more modern, more elegant and available in a wider range, designed to satisfy every sportsman and sportswoman in every situation.

Available through the Alpen S.r.l. sales network or from the ducati-bicycles.it website, the new Ducati by Bianchi line meets the needs of those who love to ride a bike for fun and entertainment, to embark on new and exciting adventures or just for daily movements.

From mountain bikes inspired by racing models for expert cyclists to classic and elegant city bikes, not to mention touring bicycles, the Ducati by Bianchi range also includes bicycles for children and teens.

Special attention has been paid to the line of models with pedal assistance, e-bikes, which, with a motor adding support in times of difficulty, guarantee sustained physical activity while significantly decreasing physical exertion.