Ducati in the "Audi 24 Hours"


Ducati takes overall Fifth place in the marathon reserved for Audi Group employees

Last weekend was a race weekend for Ducati in many different ways: while the MotoGP round was taking place at Misano, another "Ducati Team" set off for Ingolstadt to take part for the first time in the "24 Stunden von Audi", a 24-hour marathon open to all companies belonging to the Audi Group. The charity event took place on the 14 and 15 September at Audi's headquarters in Ingolstadt.

I'm proud of the result achieved by our representatives - commented Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding – Participation in this marathon underlines the spirit that links Ducati to the rest of the group, and reaffirms our desire to compete, with sportsmanship, competence and passion. My compliments to the teams and I thank them for having represented Ducati in such a significant way. Bravi!"

Selecting and training a group of enthusiasts capable of taking part and competing in the event was a quick and simple process. The passion for this sport and level of sporting prowess demonstrated by many of Ducati's employees ensured that the company was well represented at the Ingolstadt event, in the form of two different teams that had all the skills necessary to do well.

Team Ducati Corsa, the more competitive team, composed of 16 athletes with significant experience in the field, achieved an impressive overall 5th place finish out of 180 teams taking part. The second team taking part in the marathon, Team Ducati Touring, characterised by a gentler but nonetheless efficient approach, concluded the race in 136th place, crossing the line in this demanding competition.

The participation of the two Ducati teams contributed to the raising of a total sum of 150.000 € , that will be divided between associations that help those most in need.

The “24 Stunden von AUDI” got underway at 1pm on Saturday 14 September, concluding at 1pm on Sunday. An extraordinary 24-hour relay race, in which 3,300 people participated, accompanied by a large crowd that followed and encouraged the athletes along the route and for the whole duration of the race.

The route, a ring measuring 2.65 km that was set up inside Audi's Ingolstadt headquarters, was run by the 180 teams for the 24 hours of the race, including the final half hour which was a sort of a collective parade to close the event.
Here are the comments and declarations of some of the employees that participated:

Michele Ciacci – Ducati / R&D - Team Ducati Corsa – “My desire to take part stemmed mainly from my passion for running, and the chance to share this with our new Audi colleagues. I come out of this with the knowledge that the adrenalin of competition combined with extreme physical effort and a team's desire to cooperate can result in unbelievable satisfaction and reinforce or build truly unexpected friendships with colleagues."

Dionino Piccirilli - Ducati / R&D – Team Ducati Touring - “A fantastic experience of healthy and competitive sport that has pushed us to find and reach our limit, in order for us to realise that an apparently simple activity such as running involves such extraordinary strength. I hope this experience doesn't end here but continues, because we have the basis on which to do better and more."

Rocco Canosa- Ducati / Marketing – Team Ducati Corsa – “To see the whole team focused on the goal, sweating, laughing, getting up at 2am to run despite the rain, suffering lactic acid but also aware that we've been part of a fantastic experience, and have such a will to carry on.... Thanks everyone!”

Antonio Bonomo - Ducati / R&D – Team Ducati Corsa - “First of all I want to say "WELL DONE!" to everyone regardless of the final result. As far as I'm concerned the best things were the team spirit with which we approached this event and the dedication that each of us put in to respect the stages of the race (especially the night stages) and to support those about to race. The biggest victory in my eyes was the harmony that was created in the group, especially when I think how many of us didn't know each other at all before this event."

The Ducati teams presented themselves at the marathon with style and character, also in terms of their kit. Totally recognisable thanks to their red Ducati T-shirts, especially created for the event.

AUDI's organization was impeccable and of an extremely high level. Perfect in every detail, it allowed everyone to experience this sporting event and enjoy the unique spirit of an event designed to cement pride in belonging to a large group, sharing this singular moment of celebration with family and friends.

The Ducati Teams were composed as follows:


Ciacci Michele - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Bettazzi Luca - Organizzazione Industriale
Bonomo Antonio - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Canosa Rocco - Marketing
Cracchi Claudio - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Gallerani Luca - Marketing CRM
Gasperoni Stefano - SRV
Iacconi Angelo - Marketing CRM
Imbroinise Michele - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Laino Vincenzo - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Martinato Luca - Ducati Corse
Poma Paolo - Finance
Sairu Marco - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Silei Cristiano - Sales
Simoncini Leonardo - Ducati Corse
Viganò Carlo DUCATI / SRV


Stanzani Alberto -Ricerca e Sviluppo
Angioli Alessandro - Ducati Design Center
Arcangeli Gianmauro - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Bellini Gianpaolo - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Clement Julien – Ducati Design Center
Diop Boubakar - Programmazione Acquisti
Giordani Alessandro - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Mancin Margot - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Nanni Fabrizio - Produzione
Paglialunga Piero - SRV
Perez Juan Carlos - Produzione
Piccirilli Dionino - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Rugiano Francesco - Produzione
Russo Antonio - Produzione
Zanarotti Stefano - Ricerca e Sviluppo

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