In 2011 Ducati has innovations for your smartphone too

November 1, 2010

Do you have a smartphone? From now on you can live your passion wherever you are.

With the launch of the new Ducati line, all promotional materials feature a QR-code, a code that if captured with the camera on your smartphone, allows you to enter into a world of special content, designed especially for the "mobile" world, to download and share with everyone.

Do you want to try it right now?

What you see on this page is a Ducati QR-code, ready to be captured by your mobile's camera.

If you don't possess an application that can read QR-codes you can find one here: Http://

Turn on your smartphone and download the application, now you can photograph QR-codes! If, on the other hand, you are navigating with an iPad or other mobile device you can visit the content by clicking here.

And the Ducati mobile experience doesn't end here!

Keep in sync with us.

*To access the pages an Internet connection is required. The costs of data connection depend on the operator and on your particular telephone plan. Mobile content is optimized for the best selling brands of smartphone.

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