Ducati Art


The legend of Ducati formulated through the language of art and art photography.

Ducati official art prints are authentic, limited editions, fine art giclée prints, created by young talents and established graphic artists, reproduced on museum quality media.

The launch collection features three themes: The Bikes, Racing Art and Ducati Icons & Vintage. The Bikes Collection features subjects which concentrate on Ducati's most important bikes.
The Racing Art Collection features subjects inspired by key racing moments while the Icons & Vintage Collection concentrates on Ducati iconography and images, inspired by Ducati's vast heritage.

The final important addition to the official Ducati Art Prints, is the collection dedicated to nine-times Grand Prix World Champion, Valentino Rossi, one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time.
Created by the talented Polish artist, Patryk Kuleta from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, the collection commemorates the Italian star's arrival in the Ducati Team and his first return to an Italian motorcycle since 1999.
For the five-piece collection, Kuleta chose a bold and colourful artistic direction with vivid and bright colours mixed to give the artworks a vibrant and electric look that symbolises the legendary racer. ‘The Fight', ‘46 Reasons', ‘First Ride' are names of some of the art prints.

On Ducatiart.com collectors have the possibility to choose the media of reproduction and size of their favourite subject, according to their aesthetic tastes and interior decoration style.
They can choose between four different media (Canvas, Fine Art Paper, Cultbond and Cultplex) and between 15 different sizes which range from 25cmx25cm to 405cmx135cm.
Each artwork purchased on Ducatiart.com is individually crafted and tailored to the individual order.