MotoGP Le Mans. The schedule to follow the Ducati MotoGP Team

16 May 2014
While the Ducati Team is already on the track for the first free practice session of MotoGP, the Ducati Grand stand is ready to welcome the two thousand of fans who have booked their seat inside the Ducati support team!
The sun is shining on Le Mans today as the previous days when the Duacti Team was setting up everything to face the race weekend in the proper way!

Good luck to our guy in the track

Here the program of the weekend

Friday May 16th
9.55am: 1st Free Practice MotoGP 
2 pm: 2nd Free practice MotoGP

Saturday May 17th
9.55am: 3rd Free practice MotoGP
1:30 pm: 4th Free practice MotoGP
2:10 pm: MotoGP Qualifying session

Sunday May 18th 
8:40 am: warm up MotoGP
2 pm: MotoGP race