Ducati Owners Club Croatia

prilaz prof. i. vrancica 6 - zabok - 49210 ZABOK- croatia

sasa bittermanPresident
  • perica maricic Treasurer
  • kresimir pavrlisak Vice President
  • karlo kotlar Secretary
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Ducati Owners Club Croatia (DOC Croatia) was founded in 2006 in Zagreb by two enthusiasts united by equal love to Italian bikes by Ducati. Though we are already 7 years old, there are only 35 members so far. We realize that Ducati is in premium segment and believe that the number of members will grow while new people are getting to know the Ducati brand and the economic situation works out for the best. We at DOC Croatia have a good grip of the individuality of Ducati brand, its sports character and its exclusive sound. We at DOC Croatia guarantee to our members the best and safest experience on the racing track as well as during touristic activities. We at DOC Croatia are open and friendly. We like to make friends, be friends and keep friends. We already made friends and organized some events in cooperation with several clubs. We plan to expand our friendship and cooperation to other clubs in Northern Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, etc ...
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