Just Monster.
Just Michael. Just fun.

They are the new stars of two of the most significant chapters of Ducati history. Both push hard on track, and when they do it together it’s twice the fun.

Michael, welcome to Ducati Redline Magazine, we’ve been looking forward to seeing you here! It looks like it was love at first sight between you and the new Monster. What struck you most about this bike?

M- It’s true, I really like the bike! What struck me most was definitely its overall look. Just seeing it from a distance in the garage, I could already appreciate its sports lines. And then as I got closer and could make out all the details, the Monster revealed its full personality. I might be younger than the bike, but I know exactly what it means to the Ducati fans and bikers in general. Having the chance to get a sneak peak, in my favourite environment, the garage at a track, was really exciting. Not to mention having the chance to test it on track!

Tell us all about it! What were your sensations riding it on track?

M- The sensations were surprising to say the least! It hadn’t been long since my last outing with the Superbike, and it’s not that I didn’t notice any differences of course, but I really didn’t expect this kind of performance. The Monster struck me not just in terms of its aesthetics, but also its performance. Although it’s a road bike, it allowed me to push and ride fast. The engine offers full delivery but is still easy to manage. The gearbox is very precise, the gear shifting clean. And then there’s the new frame, in the style of that of the Panigale V4. The bike is light and agile but gives you a feeling of real stability, even in braking. It’s a really fun bike and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to spend time on track, whether just having fun or testing yourself and trying to push a little further.

is essential

Nothing is superfluous on the Monster. The entire bike is designed to emphasise the personality of its rider. What kind of rider are you on track?

M- I like to ride in a smooth, precise way. I don’t like any twitching and prefer fluidity, which is exactly what I found in the Monster. I felt at ease as soon as I got on the bike. It’s compact and the riding position is comfortable and easy. It’s also perfect when you want to push. Your wrists don’t get tired, in fact you can be very incisive when changing direction.

And when you’re in the garage? How would you describe yourself?

M- I’m a very passionate rider. Perhaps I follow my instincts a little too much at times, but over the years I’ve worked to turn this trait into a strength of mine. In our work, sometimes things don’t go to plan. At times like that I might get agitated, that’s normal, but I always try to stay positive in order to really understand the problems and resolve them together with the team.

It’s all a matter of instinct and mentality

What is your strength, the thing you trust in when the going gets tough?

M- I think a rider’s strength must always be their head. That’s what allows you to make the difference. If you don’t continuously try to improve in that respect, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to compete in a championship like Superbike, where you’re up against real champions. But it’s not easy to train your head. You need to work hard, all the time. And try to learn as much as possible from each race you run. Particularly those that go badly.

So, in that case, last season cannot be particularly helpful to you.

M- Yes, it’s true, the 2020 season exceeded expectations. But only up to a certain point. The feeling I had with the team and the Panigale V4 R was great right from the initial tests. I immediately knew I could do well, because when you feel at ease on the bike, it’s more likely you’ll achieve strong results.

As one on track

The new Monster is pure enjoyment. The Ducati fans hope to have a lot of fun with you and Scott Redding during the next Superbike championship. Do you have a message for them?

M- I hope so too! I was born a Ducatista, and riding with these colours is a dream come true for me. Nevertheless, I consider my arrival in the Ducati team a starting point, not a destination. All I ask is that the fans support us throughout the year, as only Ducatisti know how. Even in a situation like we have right now, us riders are still always able to feel the fans’ passion and so it’s important they are there. So, my message to them is to believe in us, also because I’m sure we can do well this year. I won’t say how well because I’m not someone who likes to talk about their goals. I prefer to achieve them.

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