New Multistrada V4

Get ready to rule all roads

Stay tuned for more updates, waiting for November 4th.
Get Ready

Make every road the destination itself.

Get ready to enter a world of endless roads, endless possibilities. Technological evolution and solid durability meet the unmistakable Ducati sporty excitement to give you the new Multistrada V4.

Get ready to rule all roads. 

New Multistrada V4: November 4th. Follow the presentation here >  

Off the beaten paths

Let’s find a way where there’s not even a road.

Exploration is a state of mind.


Connected Intelligence

Find new ways to get lost.

Without losing yourself.


60,000 km Trusted

Once and a half the earth circumference.

Just pick your destinations 


Tech Stare

Technological and sharp.

Eyes open bright to where you’re going next. 


The unmistakable Ducati speed emotion

Intuitive handling and exciting performance.

The full experience of iconic Ducati speed character.

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