Ducati Redline Magazine 01 | 2022

Dream Wilder

Welcome to the 01|2022 edition of the Ducati Redline Magazine. A four-stage journey in which dreams are a common thread. An adventure that, over four chapters, steers you towards the essence of Ducati passion. 

Ducati Redline Magazine 01 | 2022

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01. Lead the way

There are those who dream, and those who put their dreams into practice. This second category of people includes Max Calderan, explorer and superman, and Stefano Ghisolfi, winner of the Lead Climbing World Cup. From sand dunes conquered by the DesertX, to mountains ruled by the Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak, this chapter tells of seemingly impossible challenges. Like that of the electronic revolution, which sees Ducati and Audi committed to writing the future of both two- and four-wheeled vehicles. 

02. Raise the Bar

It takes more than talent to realise your dreams. Ingenuity, dedication, and a touch of healthy madness are also key. Traits shared by exceptional sportspersons like Luca Salvadori, Najla Aqdeir and Dario Costa. And traits that have pushed the Luna Rossa engineers to conceive and create a boat that can fly. 

03. Unlock the Future

The enthusiasm of the Unibo Motorsport team, and the enduring emotion of the Ducati-Bayliss partnership, celebrated with the Panigale V2 Bayliss 1st Championship 20th Anniversary special edition…. The future is that place where dreams come true, driven by the energy of the new generations.

04. Express the change

When we dream big, we find traces of this dream everywhere. In the simplicity of a cabin on the ocean shore, within the walls of a legendary music studio, in the dynamic look of the new Scrambler Urban Motard, and in the exclusive details of a Ducati Unica. The beauty of dreams is that they know no limits. And even once they come true, their impact is limitless. 

Claudio Domenicali Editorial

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