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Work with us

Kick start your passion

Ducati’s enviable status within the international motorcycling community and the highly prestigious position of our brand are the result of the constant commitment, intelligence, skills and professionalism of our staff.

Passion, an obsession for quality and the pursuit of excellence are the factors which distinguish people who work for Ducati.

Selection process

The Ducati selection process is managed directly by the Human Resources department in collaboration with the company management.

The selection process starts with the definition of the job profile of the position to be filled, which is posted on our website. You just have to fill in an online application form to be added to the candidate database, without sending a printed copy of your CV/resume.

After an initial ‘get to know you’ meeting with our selection experts, there is usually a technical interview with the relevant department managers. In some cases questionnaires, language tests and individual or group assessments are used.
The final evaluation will be based on the professional skills and ability of each candidate to share and express the principles and values which represent our company resources.

If you recognise yourself in this description, sign up as a candidate.

Theses, Work Experience and internships 

Our work experience opportunities are aimed at people who are about to or have already graduated, and are one of the main points of entry into Ducati. This authentic, ‘hands-on’ experience can prepare participants for a possible permanent position in the company.

The internships are connected to specific projects to be carried out in various company areas and generally last six months. During the programme, interns are supported in order to facilitate their introduction into the company and provide them with the training and tools they need. 

Internship and thesis selections are carried out continuously in all company areas: if you are interested, send us your candidate form, indicating:

  • the company area you are interested in
  • the topic you wish to develop
  • the estimated time frame

For further information about career opportunities at Ducati, please write to us.