Fondazione Ducati

A passion for values

The Fondazione Ducati participates in non profit activities linked to the world of Ducati and always puts passion and skill into its work.

The Fondazione operates in many fields, particularly social, educational and cultural initiatives and it promotes information and awareness campaigns regarding road safety at the national and European level.

Through the School of Restoration the Fondazione also carries out initiatives aimed at preserving and raising the profile of the company's technical and historical heritage as well as modern activities in the automotive field. 

The Fondazione also creates training initiatives through the Fisica in Moto project, a hands-on laboratory which takes students through an exciting, fun and educational path in the Ducati factory.

Lastly, in order to promote the history of the company and its motorcycles, the Fondazione also manages the Ducati Museum located within the Borgo Panigale factory in Bologna. The museum is visited each year by numerous fans from all over the world.