For training purposes, Fondazione Ducati organizes: 

  • Fisica in Moto project, an interactive physics lab dedicated entirely to middle and high school students, situated in the historical Ducati factory of Borgo Panigale and organised by the Fondazione Ducati in partnership with the Malpighi Liceo of Bologna. The objective of this unique lab is to build a bridge between the school and the factory, passing through the experience of science and technology museums.
  • DESI (Dual Education System) offers young people a two-year training programme based on a "reinforced work study" method during which students alternate time in school and in the company in training centres specifically organised by Ducati and Automobili Lamborghini for this purpose.
  • Fondazione Ducati is a founding member of Muner , the association that brings together the academic world (Universities of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Parma) and the principal Motor Valley manufacturers – Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, Haas F1 Team, HPE Coxa, Magneti Marelli, Maserati and Toro Rosso – with the aim of training the future engineers, able to design road and racing vehicles, sustainable propulsion systems and 4.0 systems. It offers two different degree programmes, both in English, one in Advanced Automotive Engineering and the other in Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering, as well as six specialisations. Visit the website > 
  • The Local Workshop for Employability "Opus Facere– Fare per capire” (Opus Facere - Learning by Doing) is an educational project born from a network made up of schools, public bodies, research centres and businesses in the Bologna area.
  • ITS Maker is the Higher Institute of Mechanics, Mechatronics, Motors and Packaging of Emilia Romagna that offers two-year advanced courses to be completed after high school. Since 2015 Ducati has been a partner of the campus in Fornovo di Taro (Parma), which developed the course "Advanced Technician for the Design of Products in Composite Materials with Additive Manufacturing Technologies". Every year more than 40 students are hosted by Ducati for lessons with technicians and experts, and still others participate in internships.
  • Finally, Fondazione Ducati is a supporter of UniBo Motorsport, the Motostudent team of the University of Bologna. “Motostudent” is the motorcycle competition for vehicles created by teams of university students from all over the world and organised by Moto Engineering Foundation & TechnoPark MotorLand at the Spanish circuit in Aragon. In 2018 the Team took part in the competition and finished in third place. 

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