Ducati People

Ducati isn’t just a brand or only a company. It’s a big family, a world made of countless stories that all have in common the same passion. Unique stories just waiting to be told. Stories about people. 

The ones who work at Ducati, the ones who create, who labour and who put their heart and soul into building the future, day after day. There are magical stories about heroes with a special talent who take on the challenge, together and for Ducati. There are adventure stories of people exploring lands of wonder and who feel Ducatista. 

There are stories about people who’ve been Ducatistas forever and know that they’ll pass on this enthusiasm to their successors. There are stories about excellence and creativity that share the values, emotions and memories with Ducati. 

All this and more is Ducati People. Portraits of our, and your, grand passion for Ducati. 

All the Stories

Riders, enthusiasts, professionals, friends. Women and men who tell us about their experiences and their passions that bind them inextricably with the brand of the Rosse di Borgo Panigale. Discover all the stories of the Ducati People family.  

On the track with Chiara, Mariaelena and Stefania

Chiara, Mariaelena and Stefania On the track with the Monster: First Contact!
Chiara, Mariaelena and Stefania On track with the Monster: the fun continues!
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