Ducati Genuine

Details Make The Difference

Experience the difference in every detail. Ducati Genuine Parts are meticulously crafted in harmony with your Ducati, rigorously tested at our development center to uphold your bike's performance and safety over time. We collaborate closely with top-tier suppliers to meet our sky-high quality standards. That's why we proudly offer an unlimited mileage warranty for 24 months on all Ducati Genuine Parts installed by certified Ducati Service Centers. Choose nothing less than Ducati Genuine Parts to preserve your motorcycle's original performance, safety, and durability.

*24-month unlimited mileage warranty when installed at a Certified Ducati Service Shop

Ducati Genuine Spare Parts provide:

  • a 24 month warranty with unlimited mileage
  • a capillary distribution network in more than 80 countries in the world
  • more than 34.000 items in stock


Genuine Ducati Spark Plugs

The modern electronics systems in every new Ducati rely on consistent timing and spark to function properly. Ducati Genuine Spark plugs are designed in collaboration with suppliers to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Ducati Genuine Oil Filter

With advancements in engine and oil technologies, we can now expect much longer intervals between oil changes. Ducati Genuine Oil Filters are designed to keep your engine running clean between these services, while maintaining optimized oil pressure.

Ducati Genuine Brake Pads

We joined forces with Brembo to develop braking systems that redefine the epitome of performance, safety, and technical innovation for all Ducati motorcycles. Our original equipment Brembo brake pads provide maximum braking power, are proven to stop in shorter distances than competitor’s pads on the track or on the road and will not prematurely wear down your brake rotors.

Ducati Battery Charger

The Ducati Battery Charger by TecMate is the best way to ensure your Ducati is ready to go when you are. This charger is fully automatic and designed to increase the useful life of lead-acid batteries.

Ducati Lithium Ion Charger

For the ultra-light Lithium-Ion batteries found in some new models there is the Ducati Lithium charger. Made by TecMate with approval from Ducati R&D, this is the perfect way to keep your bike’s electrical system always functioning properly and ready for use at all times.