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The world belongs to the bold

Diavel combines athletic manoeuvrability with extraordinary riding comfort. Bursting with attitude, it’s just asking to be ridden.
Starting from: 21.995 C$ 21.995 C$ i
Diavel Carbon
Diavel Diesel
152 hp (112 kW) i 152 hp (112 kW) i 152 hp (112 kW) i
123 Nm (91 lb-ft) i 123 Nm (91 lb-ft) i 123 Nm (91 lb-ft) i
ABS, DTC ABS, DTC 770mm (30.3in)
21.995 C$ i 25.295 C$ i Cornering ABS, DTC

A statement of personality

The Diavel project was born when Ducati designers applied their wish-list of a bike's "basic instincts" to a blank canvas. With a "what if?" approach to creating a dream bike, they sketched inspiring forms which became a low, long, sleek and aggressive motorcycle that was born to dominate the boulevard.


    The standard equipment of the Diavel includes: Power Modes, RbW, Hands-Free, full-LED headlight, front turnsignals with guidelights.
    21.995 C$ i
    • Dark Stealth

    Diavel Carbon

    With the Carbon version, high quality lightweight components underline the distinctive style and sporty soul of the Diavel, further accentuated in the case of the exclusive livery. Bold becomes the hallmark of the Diavel thanks to its Dark Chrome coloured frame, the finish to the exhaust system with Zircotec-coated pipes and brushed steel silencer covers. Its personality is further enhanced by the forged and machined Marchesini wheels and the seat.
    25.295 C$ i
    • Asphalt Grey

    Diavel Diesel

    The standard equipment of the Diavel Diesel includes: hand brushed steel tank cover, passenger seat cover and flyscreen with weldings and rivets, black anodized side air intakes with weldings and red methacrylate covers with machined Diesel mark, leather seat and billet mirrors.
    28.795 C$ i
    • Rusty Grey

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    Discover the urban style of the Ducati apparel collection and get on your Diavel.

      Ducati Diavel Diesel

      Ducati and Diesel open an important new chapter in their partnership with the exclusive Ducati Diavel Diesel, a unique bike that seamlessly combines elements of the past and the future. Absolute style in a limited edition.

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      Discover it