DesertX Expedition

7 - 11 September 2022
Experience adventure aboard the DesertX

The DesertX Experience offers participants a truly unique and exciting adventure with the bike designed to take on even the toughest of off-road routes. Five days of pure adrenaline, exploring the wonders of north-east Sardinia under the watchful eye of real professionals who will support you along the way.

Tour level: from amateur to expert.

The itinerary

Breath-taking scenery from the perspective of those for whom no terrain is off limits. Discover the wild beauty of Sardinia astride the DesertX.

Olbia: the adventure begins


Olbia - Costa Corallina

Towards Gallura

Exploring the hinterland: the ghost town of Tandalò on the way back

Your travel companion: DesertX

DesertX is exploration, fun and performance. Your wildest dreams are about to be realized.

Discover more
Discover more

Info and Booking

Interested in this tour? Contact the admin office for more information. Send an email to traveladventuresducati@gattinoni.it

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