Ducati Multistrada V4


The Multistrada V4 was one of the most highly anticipated new motorcycles of 2021.

The new V4 Granturismo engine set new standards of power, usability, and longevity in the Adventure Touring segment with its class leading 36,000 miles valve service interval.

In the area of technology Multistrada V4 S became the first ever motorcycle to use radar technology by offering riders Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection functionality.

Since then the Multistrada V4 family has grown and become a diverse platform to explore the boundaries or adventure, high end touring and sports performance, not to mention having a dedicated 4 year warranty thanks to the stunning reliability and technology involved. The Pikes Peak, RS, Grand Tour and Rally (check out the dedicated Rally press page here) are all bound to the original premise of Multistrada – Many Roads, Motorcycles that can adapt to most riding circumstances without breaking stride, but each has their own specialisms. 

Journalists have been lucky enough to experience these Multistrada V4 models and put them through their paces both on and off road… and even on track! 

Read on below and select your desired model to see what they have to say:

Richard Newland - MCN

''The most comfortable long-termer ive ever had, everywhere you look the quality is visible''

John Hogan - Bike World

"It just works, it works well at revving and going fast, as it does at the around town easy going stuff. Genuinely struggling to find something I havent enjoyed on it"

Simon Hargreaves - Bike Social

'' They said they wanted to build the best bike that Ducati have ever made, in my opinion, they've done it!''

Alastair Fagan - 44Teeth

''This could be the best bike of 2021''

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Chris Eades - 44 Teeth

''This is a superbike in a touring shell!''

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Adam Child - Bike World

 ''it makes touring effortless''

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