Adventure Academy

Experience the adventure. Learn with Ducati.

The DRE Adventure Academy is the riding course designed for adventouring enthusiasts who want to learn all the secrets of on and off-road riding.

You will have the opportunity to learn different techniques through focused theory lessons and exciting riding sessions.

The undisputed stars of this course: the Multistrada V4 Rally, the Multistrada V4, DesertX and the DesertX Rally, the motorbike for those seeking adventure and the most demanding off-road.

Ducati offers the possibility of giving a voucher for a DRE course to choose, a unique and exclusive gift, ideal for a real enthusiast. For more information contact the DRE office.

Suitable for everyone From rookies who want to boost their confidence in slippery conditions, to more experienced riders who want to enhance their off-road adventuring skills.
Different levels Participants shall be split into small groups based on their riding experience and will be closely followed by a team of instructors.
Top quality tutoring A programme packed with exercises and techniques and lots of useful and practical advice for adventuring.

The experience

A high-level didactic with exercises on getting to grips with the bike, the correct riding position and on and off-road riding techniques. Also useful tips for adventouring: technical and logistical advice in preparation for the trip, repairing a puncture with the tubeless kit provided and much more.

The DRE Adventure Academy will give you the chance to test your skills on different terrains, to put into practice the valuable teachings of Ducati instructors. As well as testing the off-road characteristics of the Multistrada V4 Rally, Multistrada V4, DesertX and DesertX Rally.

The bikes

You will find the most adventurous Ducati bikes at the DRE Adventure Academy: Multistrada V4 Rally, Multistrada V4, DesertX and DesertX Rally.
During the experience, bikes will be equipped to tackle your on-and-off-road riding with the right settings.

An exceptional instructor

DRE Adventure

Participation in the course open only and exclusively to those who hold an A license with no displacement limitation.

For any need or request for information, contact the DRE office at the e-mail address adventure@ducati.com

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