New Scrambler Ducati

Next Gen Freedom

Freedom. Expressiveness. Colour. A unique blend of authenticity, lifestyle and modern design. Remix your beliefs and accept new challenges: the new generation of Scrambler® is here. Choose your mood.

Augmented self-expression

The new generation Scrambler mixes iconic identity with even more modern design and components to explode the concept of fast-forward heritage.

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Never felt so easy

The technical minimalism of the second-generation models is centred on the twin-cylinder engine, steel trellis frame, wide handlebars and low centre of gravity, and provides the pure fun that has always distinguished the Scrambler family.

New TFT Dashboard

New 4.3-inch TFT instrumentation, set into a dashboard that maintains an inescapable modern classic look, makes the new generation Scramblers even more connected and advanced.

Enjoy the new lightness

The Desmodue engine, which has always been a distinguishing feature of the Ducati Scrambler, has been modernised in terms of content, has a weight reduced by around 2.5 kg compared to the previous generation.

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Next Gen Family
Next Gen Icon. Future comes in colours

The new Scrambler Icon can be mixed and remixed while remaining unmistakably itself. It can be all colours and all personalities thanks to the new interchangeable tank covers. It is revamped in both aesthetics and technical content, starting with all the optical devices, now full-LED, which, however, maintain their distinctive image with the round front, equipped with circular segmented DRLs and featuring the classic "X," now positioned on the outside of the lens. The chassis is also updated with a revamped swingarm and trellis frame. Likewise, the Desmodue engine, which has always been a distinctive feature of the Ducati Scrambler®, has been modernized in content, contributing to an overall weight reduction of 4 kg compared to the previous generation.

9 Wonderful Colours

In addition to the three standard colours '62 Yellow, Thrilling Black and Ducati Red, a further six are available as accessory kits: Storm Green, Rio Celeste, California Orange, Nephrite Green, Sparkling Blue, Velvet Red
£9,995 i
£9,995 i
£9,995 i
  • ’62 Yellow
  • Thrilling Black
  • Ducati Red
CUSTOMIZABLE The three standard colours are joined by six available as accessories, including front and rear mudguards, headlight covers and tags on the wheels to complete the Next Gen transformation.
EASIER TO RIDE In the new generation, the swingarm drives a shock absorber in a central position and no longer on the left side. The steering angle and handlebar position have also been revised to improve the bike's handling.
ELECTRONICS On the new 4.3-inch TFT Dashboard, set into a dashboard that retains an inescapable modern classic look, is the new ride-by-wire throttle control, which makes the delivery always ready at every rpm.

Next Gen family

New perspectives, new colours, new challenges, discover the new generation of Scrambler Ducati.

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Next Gen Full Throttle. The Fastest Look in the City

The sporty side of Next Gen: the new Full Throttle is the proposal inspired by U.S. Flat Track competitions on dirt ovals. Designed to push its limits, drive nimbly in urban traffic, escape the city.

On the sides, number plates bear the number 62 to commemorate 1962, the year the first Ducati Scrambler debuted. The sump guard completes a decidedly grittier aesthetic for those who don't want to go unnoticed.

Sporty look

The sporty character of the Full Throttle is underlined by the dedicated seat and livery in GP19 Red/Dark Stealth.
£10,995 i
  • Rosso GP19/Dark Stealth livery
Sports Colour Aesthetics emphasized by the dedicated seat and livery in Rosso GP19/Dark Stealth, played on the contrast between the red used on the official Desmosedici bikes engaged in MotoGP in 2019 and matte black.
Sports driving The handlebars, with variable section, are lower and sportier than on the Scrambler Icon for an even more agile and fun ride.
Sports look The front fender is shorter and sportier, as is the tail without a rear fender. Completing the look are red tags on the alloy wheels, a homologated Termignoni silencer and Ducati Performance LED turn signals.

Next Gen family

New perspectives, new colours, new challenges, discover the new generation of Scrambler Ducati.

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Next Gen Nightshift. The Classic.

The elegant and the refined of the family. The new Scrambler Nightshift was born to breathe the freedom of the darkest hours, a jewel that shines in the deepest night. It combines the sportiness of Full Throttle, such as the number plates, sporty front fender and no rear fender, with more classic and refined details. 

Elegance at a glance

The Nebula Blue colouring and the spoked wheels, now completely black, make the Nightshift decidedly sophisticated in its appearance.
£10,995 i
  • Nebula Blue
Sophisticated The Nebula Blue colour scheme and all-black spoked wheels make the new Scrambler Nightshift even more elegant and sophisticated.
Handlebars The new Scrambler Nightshift is equipped with a straight handlebar derived from the 1100 Sport PRO and Café Racer mirrors on the handlebars.
Two-seater saddle The new seat is flat, Café Racer style, comfortable for both rider and passenger.

Next Gen family

New perspectives, new colours, new challenges, discover the new generation of Scrambler Ducati.

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