Ducati Lubricants
Powered by Shell Advance

The partnership between Ducati and Shell began in 1999, during the Superbike World Championship.
Together they have won seven world titles in MotoGP and one Superbike World Championship, amassing over 150 race wins.
Since then, Ducati has been using Shell oil for each of its bikes.

Ducati Corse Performance Oil

The new Ducati Corse Performance Oil Powered by Shell Advance was developed using the exceptional collaboration between Shell formulation specialists and Ducati engine developers to specifically meet the requirements of the Ducati Panigale V4R and Streetfighter V4 with dry clutch.

Through Shell's technical collaboration with Ducati in MotoGP and World Superbike, where Shell products have been tested in the most challenging and competitive circumstances over the past 23 years, Ducati's customers benefit from the advances created.

This technical partnership between Shell and Ducati Corse has seen great successes on the track, including the campaign that saw Ducati win the Constructors' Championship and the MotoGP 2022 Riders' title.

From the racetrack to the road use

For the first time, customers can now experience an engine oil created specifically for Ducati V4 engines with a dry clutch and enjoy a power advantage of up to 3.5 hp.

Rigorously tested

Oil development takes place in dedicated test facilities at Shell and Ducati R&D centres, where candidate oils undergo rigorous bench and dyno testing.

This element is an integral part of powering and protecting Ducati engines when it comes to:

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Shell Advance Ducati

Shell Advance Ducati 15W-50 with Pure Plus Technology, is a 4 stroke premium synthetic motorcycle engine oil. This 100% synthetic oil is made from this pure and clear base oil, combined with a motorcycle-specific additive pack that provides complete protection to your engine.

Shell’s proven expertise

Ducati bikes need an oil that does more to improve performance and engine life. Base oil is key as it can constitute up to 90% of an oil. Shell has developed a new approach - making synthetic motor oils from NATURAL GAS. It uses PurePlus Technology, a revolutionary process that delivers crystal clear base oil made from natural gas with virtually no impurities – making it 99.5% pure.

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Rigorously tested

Shell Advance Ducati motorcycle oil passes through rigorous testing procedures to meet Ducati’s high performance requirements. The oil development is done at dedicated test facilities at Shell R&D centres where the candidate oils are put through rigorous bench and chassis dyno tests.

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Retains horsepower

There is no power loss even at the end of 12000 Km*

* Shell Advance Ducati does not degrade between oil changes, to impact the engine efficiency & hence power loss. Claims based on field trial results and/or lab based data (controlled environment).

Enhanced fuel economy

Ride further per liter of fuel compared to a premium mineral oil*

* Claims based on field trial results and/or lab based data (controlled environment). Fuel consumption can be influenced by other factors including traffic conditions, bike type and riding behavior.

High temperature protection

Provides 71% better protection* at high temperature than a leading global competitor.

* Claims based on field trial results and/or lab based data (controlled environment).

Keeps pistons clean

Keeps pistons 49%4 cleaner than a leading global competitor*

* Claims based on field trial results and/or lab based data (controlled environment).

Superior wear protection

Provides 36% better wear protection against deposits vs industry standards.

*not available in Ireland and Northern Ireland

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