Connected Intelligence

"The most advanced on-board technologies make the bike extremely intuitive for the rider”

Andrea Ricci Iamino, Electronic Systems Director

An electronic design that represents our state of the art and the state of the art also for the motorcycle world in general.

Equipment that makes the bike customizable in every aspect, from the riding style, to the choices of performance, connectivity, comfort and safety. 


With the new Ducati Connect system, your phone connects to the bike allowing you to control different actions through the handlebar joystick.


The new Multistrada V4 is the first motorcycle in the world to mount both front and rear radar systems, making it possible to install riding support technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection.

Skyhook suspensions

4 riding modes, 4 load modes, and over 400 parameter combinations for semi-active suspension that allow you to have exactly the bike you want, whenever you want.

Ducati EVO

Straight from the racing experience. The new Multistrada V4 is equipped with the best electronic riding assistance systems such as DTC, ABS Cornering, DWC, DQS.

Evolving the two wheel experience with radar and improved connectivity

The new Multistrada V4 is equipped with Ducati's state of the art electronics. The front / rear radar and the new generation Ducati Connect mirroring system allow for a more enjoyable, safe and comfortable riding experience. 

Radar-powered functions

One of the great new innovations of the new Multistrada V4 is the adoption of the front and rear radar, new to the two-wheeled world. 

A useful system for the implementation of driving aid applications such as the Adaptive Cruise Control and the Blind Spot Detection that helps the rider to identify potentially dangerous situations. 

New 6.5-inch dashboard

Adjustable in inclination to be perfectly visible whatever the rider's height, the large dashboard houses a 6.5-inch TFT screen. In color, with high resolution and perfect visibility in any light condition, the new TFT features a new HMI interface, completely redesigned to be more intuitive, easy to use and pleasant to look at.

Available in 6 languages, the dashboard integrates all the information the pilot needs during the journey - including the dynamic navigation map - and is the first dashboard equipped with optical bonding technology, which improves the visibility of the interface and enables dark mode. graphics even during the day. 

Ducati Connect

Thanks to the Ducati Connect system, compatible with iOs and Android, through smartphone mirroring you can do everything you may need during the trip.

Search your contacts or type a phone number using the keypad; play your favorite music by scrolling through folders, artists, albums and playlists; set your destination and follow the navigation on the complete map view integrated in the dashboard.

The entire HMI interface, and therefore all the functions of the Ducati Connect, can be comfortably controlled by an innovative joystick, located on the control block on the left side of the handlebar and equipped with buttons with backlit characters. Once the connection between smartphone and dashboard via Bluetooth and Wifi has been established, the rider can put the phone in his pocket, or insert it in the dedicated compartment on the tank, waterproof, equipped with a convenient USB socket for charging.

Dynamic Intelligence

Sports, long-distance tourism, alone or as a couple, off-road or even simply for urban use, the electronics allow you to always have the ideal bike for any condition and use. 

Skyhook Suspensions The exclusive Ducati Skyhook semi-active suspension system, with its 400 possible configuration combinations, offers the full potential for customizing the riding experience.
Load mode and Riding modes 4 riding modes to customize the delivery and power of the bike according to your wishes, auto-leveling and 4 load modes to adapt the bike to the load.
Quick shift The evolved quick shift, derived from Ducati's racing experience, interacts with the inertial platform to optimize the gear performance.

There are many technological solutions introduced by Ducati to adapt to the needs of the rider, whether they are oriented towards comfort or the desire for a sportier ride.

These include the auto-leveling system that recognizes the bike's load setting and adjusts it autonomously to bring the saddle to the ideal height from the ground in the different riding configurations, adding to the (manual) options already available for the user: rider, pilot plus panniers, pilot and passenger, pilot and passenger with panniers.

Or the latest generation Quick Shift, which implements the use of information transferred from the inertial platform to improve the performance of the device both downshifting and upshifting.

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New Multistrada V4

Touring, Enduro, Spot and Urban: four perfectly balanced souls to make the new Multistrada V4 effective and fun in all riding conditions.

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