Preservation of Historical Heritage

Founded to honour the company's history and its motorcycles, the Ducati Museum is located inside the company headquarters in Borgo Panigale and is visited every year by enthusiasts from all over the world. Completely renovated in 2016 for Ducati's 90th anniversary, the Ducati Museum divides the company’s story into three different pathways to present the history of Ducati's standard motorcycle models and their social and cultural background, Ducati's proud racing history, told through the display of its racing models and trophies, and “Ducati Moments”, which consist of the events, people, and technological innovations that have shaped Ducati's history.

Through the Historical Archive, Fondazione Ducati is committed to the conservation and promotion of the local and company engineering heritage. In 2011 the Ducati Archive was recognized as a historical and cultural asset by the Regional Directorate for Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Emilia Romagna (Italian decree no. 24 of 16 December 2011). The catalogued Ducati Archive covers a period of time from 1946 to 1992 and is divided into three collections:

  • Human resources: 1954-1992. Includes staff dossiers and serial number records.
  • Technical department: 1946-1992. Includes technical drawings, parts list, product tests, type-approvals, catalogues, owner's manuals.
  • Morini Archive
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