TFT Dashboard

Designed to beat records

The Superleggera V4 is the perfect combination of technological know-how and the search for maximum performance. As with every technical feature, Ducati Corse’s contribution was essential even in developing the dashboard interface. Thanks to MotoGP’s riding experience, such a refining work makes it the most advanced production bike on the planet.

Split-second accessibility

The HMI (Human Machine Interface) design of the dashboard intervenes on graphic-visual features in order to improve the “Man-Machine” communication system usability, namely the way in which the system informs the rider. All this taking into account very high speed situations, accelerations as well as the extreme physical and cognitive stress the rider feels when he gives his best on the track.

For the Superleggera V4, an exclusive “Race GP” interface has been developed, which comes from the indications given by Andrea Dovizioso, from his experience in MotoGP, when riding in absolute concentration, the rider has only a few fractions of a second to get key information.

Dovi’s requests for the GP20 were about greater relevance and visibility of the bike’s lap time and key information, such as gear shift and engine settings. The same information was included in the “Race GP” display mode for the Superleggera V4, by integrating it with a scroll menu to display speed and engine coolant temperature so as to best suit personal riding needs.

This led to an interface that allows the rider to experience the track like a pro: with maximum control over the main riding information and functions while being fully focused on achieving a dream time.

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