Ducati SuMisura

Ducati SuMisura, the premium tailoring service for bespoke race suit customization is now exclusively available at several locations across the country

Each Ducati SuMisura suit is accurately shaped to your unique body measurements with pinpoint precision and is perfectly adherent to your shoulders, elbows, and knees. As a result, you enjoy total comfort, freedom of movement, and maximum protection. SuMisura provides premium personalized race suit solutions for men and women who value comfort and safety along with the ultimate expression of on track style.

Purchase a SuMisura suit or Superleggera garment and you will receive a free gift of a Redline T3 Racing Ducati Trolley by Ogio, worth $399.

The Ducati SuMisura Service, including tailoring, measuring, personalization, advice, and ordering is now available at Ducati Dealerships throughout the USA. Get in touch or head in- store to begin your SuMisura journey.  


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Speak directly with our SuMisura specialists at ducatisumisura@ducati.com to schedule a fitting.

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