1962 - 1989

From the American dream to superbikes

The 1960s opened up a dramatic era. Technological progress, the space race and the development of computers. Explosions of creativity with rock music, films from the New Hollywood and Pop Art. They were times of new freedoms, transgressions and battles for ideals. 

The mass production of cars diminished the social role of the motorcycle as a means of mobility. Following the lead of American bikers, the motorcycle became a means of expression for young generations: a travelling companion for a life on the road.

With the advent of maxi motorcycles in the 1970s the view of motorcycles as fun objects was accentuated, to the point of becoming actual sport equipment, even more so with the success of the supersport racing bikes in the 1980s. In the collective imagination the motorcycle thus took on the connotation of a vehicle devoted to fun and freedom, which has remained until today..


Fabio Taglioni

For almost forty years, Fabio Taglioni has been the inspiring and propelling force behind the extraordinary success of Ducati motorcycles on circuits and roads throughout the world. READ MORE

Paul Smart

Paul Smart raced with many bikes but it was his legendary victory at the Imola 200 Miles in 1972 that assured his eternal fame with Ducati lovers. READ MORE

Cook Neilson

Cook Neilson was written into the Ducati history book for his splendid victory on the Daytona speedway in 1977 riding the California Hot Rod, a 750 SS prepared by his friend Phil Schilling. It was the first time that an Italian motorcycle won a race for derived bikes from standard production in the U.S. READ MORE

Marco Lucchinelli

Marco Lucchinelli won the 500 cc World Championship in 1981 riding a Suzuki. He then embarked on a new stage of his career at Ducati, earning success after success. Among his highlights was the famous victory at Daytona in 1987 and the triumph in the inaugural race of the World Superbike Championship. READ MORE  

Mike Hailwood

Mike Hailwood was perhaps the greatest rider of all time. His father, Stan Hailwood, was very rich and his first fan, by providing him with everything he needed to race motorcycles. READ MORE

The bikes that have made history

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