125 GP Desmo

With the 1956 Desmodromic system, single-cylinder Ducati bikes reached the pinnacle of their performance. In this respect, the Trialbero Desmo 125 stands out as the first signature Ducati. Its birth was a crucial moment in the history of engineering applied to motorcycling. In an interview with Motociclismo, Taglioni said: “The main goal of this system is forcing the valve to follow the timing diagram as closely as possible, while the dissipated energy saved is almost negligible. The performance is more reliable and the operating safety is definitely enhanced”.

The engine and the frame of the two-cylinder, three camshaft 125 model sum up the context in place at its origin in the Fifties. From a technical standpoint, this was a golden age in the history of motorcycle racing. Indeed, international rules, as opposed to modern-day regulations, allowed designers to unleash their imagination and try every possible option.

In 1958, just one year before withdrawing from official racing, Ducati not only had launched its fantastic Trialbero Desmo 125 single-cylinder engine, but it also had developed the two-cylinder engine that finished third at Monza. Moreover, in the same period Taglioni was working on a four-cylinder two-camshaft solution!

124,6 cc
Maximum power
19 hp at 13000 rpm
Maximum speed
Not available
Dry weight
Not available

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