In 1994, the evolution of Ducati DNA reaches final consolidation. Massimo Tamburini designs his masterpiece, the 916, which in 2014 is described by Motorcycle News magazine as "the most beautiful bike of the last 50 years".

It represents the very essence of Ducati DNA: for the first time, the concepts of Style, Sophystication and Performance are perfectly merged into a single iconic motorcycle. The 916 has everything you can find on every Ducati designed and built since the mid-1990s.

As an authentic work of art, the 916 is balanced, elegant and rational, without any concession to the superfluous, besides being incredibly exciting and effective in driving. In addition to its unmistakable design, it also features innovative technical features that make it win the "Motorcycle of the Year" award on almost all the specialized magazines of the time. The 916 is undoubtedly a very successful model.

With it, Tamburini goes to seek perfection down to the last detail even drawing the head of some screws. Nothing had to be left to chance.

The 916 is undoubtedly a true masterpiece of design, but it is also the perfect synthesis of the three values ​​that still characterize the brand today. And this is precisely what the dedicated installation wants to emphasize, which, recalling the double helix of DNA, becomes a physical representation of Style, Sophistication and Performance, genetic traits of Ducati motorcycles.

916 cc
Maximum power
114 hp at 9000 rpm
Maximum speed
300 Km/h
Dry weight
195 Kg
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