Monster 900

Since its first appearance at the “International Motorcycle Fair” in Cologne in 1992, the Monster has stood out for its character, originality and innovation. Strange, essential, rebellious and outside the box: it didn't take long for this concept to become a true icon, capable of setting trends and generating a new market segment.

To become a masterpiece of visual minimalism, all superfluous aspects were abandoned: “All you need is: a seat, tank, engine, two wheels and handlebar,” explains Miguel Galluzzi, designer of the Monster. Elements previously considered purely functional (engine block, frame, etc.) have been elevated to the state of “functional form”, simply because they are displayed.

One of the most imitated bikes of all time, the Monster has generated entire legions of imitators, even though imitation always remains the highest form of admiration after all.

The Monster is naked by choice and not just because of custom; even if bikes have been naked for decades, it took the intentionality of Galluzzi's “discovery” to make the bike truly naked.

The story begins at the Cologne Motor Show in the autumn of 1992. In the midst of the many innovations that fill the stands lies a mysterious Ducati prototype: it is the Monster 900. A prototype destined by right to enter world motorcycling history. Monstrously beautiful, it's a cocktail of components that are exquisitely Ducati: mounted on an 851/888 series tubular trellis frame is the air/oil-cooled Supersport 904 cc Pompone.

With its strong personality and bold naked appearance, this bike brought fame and prestige to the naked category, previously unknown in the West, and revolutionised it. 

Thus the Monster school was born, followed by numerous clones that lacked personality.

Since that day the Monster has been part of a very successful story. It has become a family, it has seen countless special versions and has evolved every year without losing a shred of its monstrous identity. But, above all, it has won the hearts of thousands of motorcyclists all over the world, turning them into “monsterists": today more than 250 thousand have left the Borgo Panigale production lines!

Monster is pure motorbike emotion, encapsulating the spirit of two wheels; Monster is a lifestyle.

904 cc
Maximum power
73 hp at 7250 rpm
Maximum speed
190 km/h
Dry weight
185 Kg
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