Siluro 100

Ducati 100 “Siluro” was designed specifically to break the speed record on the Monza racetrack.

In 1956 Ducati tried to break a number of world records for several categories. At the time people were utterly fascinated by speed records.

In this environment the Bologna-based company created a model designed to break records, based on the Gran Sport 100. Actually, the technical changes only concerned mechanics and the chassis. In exchange, major changes were applied to the body, which Ducati designed in collaboration with an aeronautic engineer and the Tibaldi body shop, which specialized in aluminum machining. 

The result was a spectacular “sole” fairing, which considerably improved aerodynamic performance.

The testing was trusted to two private riders, who tried to break the new records on Friday, 30 November. 

Because of the unexpected rain, a waterproof elastic canvas was used to cover the space between the rider and the fairing.

The feat was a success; forty-four world records were broken on the same day. The Siluro set five new records in the 250 class, even though the engine was only 100 cc. The model completed the fastest lap at an average speed of 170 km/h, with an average on 1,000 km of over 160 km/h!

98 cc
Maximum power
14 hp at 11000 rpm
Maximum speed
170 km/h
Dry weight
Not available

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