Warranty Extension

Ever Red

Ever Red is the warranty extension allowing to extend the coverage period by 12, 24 or 36 months in addition to the 2 years already provided by the Ducati Warranty. 

You may decide to buy it starting from the second month after purchasing your motorcycle up until the end of the Ducati Warranty (2 years); it is provided by CarGarantie vesicherungs-AG, a leader in Europe for almost 50 years. 

Ever Red has no mileage limit and at its expiry may be extended further by purchasing Ever Red Plus 12. Moreover, it is linked to the vehicle and not its owner. If ownership changes then the remaining warranty coverage is maintained until the end of the selected period.

Ever Red offers:
  • unlimited mileage during the period covered by the warranty extension;
  • only with total mileage over 50,000 km and only for costs relating to materials, the insurance company will reimburse only a percentage of the costs calculated according to the bike’s mileage at the time of the malfunction; total refund on single service not exceeding the motorcycle value;
  • valid throughout the country and in case of short-term trips across the European territory;
  • assistance provided by Ducati Service and exclusive use of genuine Ducati parts;
  • roadside service provided by ACI Global throughout the warranty period;
  • possibility to transfer the warranty to the new owner should you decide to sell the motorcycle; 
  • may be renewed before its expiry with Ever Red Plus 12;

The components covered by Ever Red




ABS system




Brake pumps


Coolant pump


Brake calipers


Oil pump


Front fork


Throttle body


Steering ballbearings


Lambda probe  


Rear swingarm




Swingarm ballbearings




Coolant Radiator

 Electronic suspensions
for electric and electronics
failure only 


Oil radiator


Starting motor


* The above list is just an example of the covered components and cannot be considered exhaustive.

Ever Red can be activated for all Ducati bikes except the 1199 Superleggera and 1299 Superleggera.

Do you want to learn more?

If you need more information about Ducati Warranty, on the extension program and our service and maintenance offer, please contact your nearest dealer.