Panigale V4


Ergonomics has been a core focus of in-depth development with the aim of improving the control of the bike during track sessions and to allow the rider to get the most ot of the Panigale V4’s performance, both on a single lap and heavy use on the track. 

The main changes involve the seat and the tank, which have been redesigned.


The fuel tank has a new shape that gives it more capacity (+1 litre) and offers a completely different fit area compared to the 2021 version, allowing riders of all sizes to better anchor under braking and to ride faster and longer. Thanks to the new tank shape, the rider is also better integrated into the bike and results therefore more comfortable in the best aerodynamic position. In addition, the contact area of the arms during hanging off phase is also improved.


The saddle has now a flatter shape and an improved coating, which grants easier movement of the rider’s body and reduces the rider's tendency to move forward when braking.

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With the new updates the Panigale V4 is even faster, more intuitive and less fatiguing for riders of all levels and with a more aggressive look.

Discover all the details in our in-depth sections.

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