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The Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup can claim to be the longest running one-make championship supporting the British Support Championship in BSB’s history.

The championship began in 2010 as the 848 Challenge and was run in conjunction with the then New Era Club. However, as the championship grew in popularity it progressed to become a support series for British Superbikes.

The championship became the Ducati TriOptions Cup as sponsored by Ducati TriOptions PCP and has maintained the same format over the of 8 rounds, 16 races with one overseas round throughout. The smaller capacity Superbike has been the bike of choice over these 11 year in its various capacities and designs. The 848, became the 848 Evo, 899 and then the 959 Panigale and finally its current incarnation the spectacular V2 Panigale.

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As the Ducati Cup has developed over the years, so has the quality of rider, with many successfully moving on to other higher classes within BSB. The championship has also attracted more established riders most notably TT legend John McGuiness. McGuiness joined 34 other riders on the grid this year, the Cup has regularly boasted healthy grid numbers over its 10 years as a support series for BSB.

The V2 Panigale was introduced to the championship this year and already has been a big hit with both riders and fans. The V2 Panigale is the most complete Superbike, as MCN said ‘The Ducati Panigale V2 isn’t just better than its rivals, its better at being a sportsbike than anything else on the road. It’s the classiest of acts.’

On the track it does not disappoint either as MCN again commented, ‘It still revs manically like a race engine and has bucket-loads of smooth, crisp (especially in Race mode) and perfectly delivered thrust. A superbike will always batter mind, body and tyres with its immense torque and inertia, but the Panigale V2’s power delivery is kinder and easy to manage.’

The Panigale V2 has found its place within the British Superbikes continuing an illustrious lineage of smaller capacity Ducati Superbikes, providing competitive racing at affordable levels. The V2 Panigale is the Superbike for road to track. 

*Race photography courtesy of Bonnie Lane

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